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Beach Huts

Beach Huts for rent in Karachi

 Why to book Beach Hut from TourFinder

KARACHI : We offer beach hut for rent at Hawksbay , Turtle Beach and Sandspit beach which are very famous beaches of Karachi. Turtle Beach and Hawksbay are very popular tourist resort of Karachi as the beach is sandy with clear blue water. Hundreds of people approach Turtle beach and Hawksbay for picnicking, fishing, swimming and relaxing at the Karachi Beach Hut. We offer beach hut and resort for rent in Karachi to organize family picnics, Birthdays, Family Gatherings, Corporate Beach events. Our  beach huts are safe, well furnished, clean and well maintained and approach the sandy beach of karachi.

We also organize beach events in which we provide you complete food solution which include live BBQ, grilled Sea Food, decoration inside the beach hut and beach setup on front side of the beach hut. We also provide cruise boats, speed boats, jet ski, Dirt Bikes, DJ sound system, lodges with Gazebo, snorkeling, Scuba diving, beach decoration, armed guards etc.  our services are best to make our guests day filled with fun and joy.

Hawksbay, Turtle Beach and Sandspit beach

Hawksbay or Hawks bay, Turtle Beach and Sandspit beach are three main beaches along the coastline of Karachi. Hwaksbay is just 20 km away from boat basin. Turtle beach is very famous for its sandy beach and turtles coming there to lay eggs. The water at turtle beach is clean and clear. The all three beaches are very good tourist attractions and famous picnic spots of Karachi.